Friday, November 25, 2011


It is lovely to have a houseguest to clean up for.  Especially when, while I'm freaking out beforehand, my husband cleans house from the list that I drew up before I read it and realized that there was no possible way I could get all that done.

We cleaned enough that we were even able to celebrate Thanksgiving at our dining room table, eating there for the first time (quesadillas, sausage, and mashed potatoes, with chocolate truffles for dessert).

I've sent a large box of toys, books, and clothing to a friend who just had a baby boy.
We took two boxes and a large bag of things to Goodwill.
And I cleaned the breakfast room table, chairs, and floor.

I went through TG's toys and culled the ones which are too young for him, the ones he doesn't play with, the ones he has too many of, and the really annoying ones.  There are actually empty toy bins!  I need to do the books next, of course, but he's already enjoying being able to find his toys, and seems to (so far) be able to put all his cars in the bucket.  (He especially likes the bucket because it has a handle and he can carry it around to wherever he needs to go.)

I've been quite lazy before this, but, as my husband says, after our efforts this past week, "It's starting to look like a house."